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Great Dexter tribute show at Dizzy's San Diego last weekend! Please come back to SD again!
- TC

Your performance at Crown Plaza was awesome. Keep Dexter alive.
- Carolyn

Superb music ! simple as that ! Aja Ketch A Vibe (UK)
- Aja

I loved Soup's Ready, I love the website and I'd also love to sing with you cat some day. Much Luv Chuck!
- Rychy St. Vincent

Damn! Your sound is phenomenal, Chuck. Also, really nice website. I'm telling all my friends. Don't ever stop.
- Linda

Hey Chuck!! How's it going?? Was wondering what you've been up to since our IAA days! Nice site!! -Tony
- Tony Gould

You're looking good! Nice website. It is so refreshing to see someone keeping the faith. Take care. -Keith
- Keith

Congrats on the great new CD! I just played it on air here at WUEV and I was quite impressed! Keep up the great music. OAS AAS LLS! alex c=iii=()
- Alex Smith

Hey Chuck! Congratulations on your new website. How's everything? Let me know if you should ever come to Germany! Best,Paul
- Paul Kaiser

BRAVO CHUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! very cook site .......
- Michael R. Moore

Keep swinging. We hear your new cd all the time on kkjz
- Wes Metoyer

Hot! And the website and music aren't bad either.
- Kevin

I'm glad you put Buster's Dance on the CD. Continued Success to "Scarlotti" from Da Godfadda!
- Arnell

Hey, Dude! It's been 24 years! Wonderful, but not surprising, to see your success. 'Always knew you were a west-coast kind of guy. Cheers!
- Bob Fullerton

Awesome website !
- Saski

You're the koolest kat I know....Keep up the good work, shawty!
- Michael M. Landman-Karny